Twitter thinks it's found a female Donald Trump


Her photo ended up going viral in Spain.

She's being referred to as a female version of US President Donald Trump, with the image of her shovel tossed over her shoulder, is being compared to Trump's favourite hobby of golfing.

Even her complexion hints at Trump's skin tone, thanks to the rays of sunlight breaking through clouds of dust she raises while planting potatoes.

The woman, Dolores Leis Antelo, was interviewed by Newsweek.

The internet users have found their new obsession for the day in the form of US President Donald Trump's doppelganger.

Despite the unexpected fame, Dolores Leis reacted calmly to all the commotion saying that, "I think it's all about the color of the hair". Dolores said that she is not curious about her picture but her daughter said that her picture will make her famous.

"I say that it must be because of the colour of the hair", Ms Leis told the La Voz de Galicia newspaper on Tuesday.

The new internet celebrity said that, while she does not own a mobile phone herself, her children have kept her updated on her 15 minutes of fame. Unlike the actively tweeting United States president, Dolores does not know anything about social media.

The Coristanco, Spain, native has been married to her husband for 40 years and has spent her entire life in Cabana de BergantiƱos. She further added that she did not get her's daughter opinion about the picture.



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