Trump 'too busy' to buy a birthday present for Melania

Trump 'too busy' to buy a birthday present for Melania

"But I got her a attractive card and some lovely flowers and she did a fantastic job with [our State Dinner for] France".

Trump may not need to worry - the simple card-and-flowers combination is a popular gift presidents give to their first ladies.

Donald Trump said he's too busy to get his wife, Melania a birthday present. According to Trump, "I didn't get her so much".

"I picked a very, very special day because it's Melania's birthday so I said, let's do it on Melania's birthday", Trump said.

Trump also congratulated the first lady for her work in planning the administration's first state visit for French President Emmanuel Macron, including Tuesday evening's lavish state dinner in the White House.

The president went on to praise Melania for the "fantastic job" she did hosting France this week.

He continued, "I tell you what, she has done - I got her a lovely card".

Ivanka Trump tweeted her well-wishes to her stepmother, writing, "Happy birthday to @FLOTUS, an incredible wife, mother and First Lady!" Before the service she smiled and chatted with President Obama, whom her husband has scorned for years, and, again smiling, joined in a formal picture with all of the former presidents and first ladies who attended the funeral.



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