Trade minister says 'no appetite' to renegotiate TPP to accommodate US

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"Providing a deterrence against the continued use of these weapons is in the vital national security interest of the United States, and I pray that our men and women of the armed forces execute their mission safely tonight".

The strategic aim of the USA response, a former senior Defense official familiar with planning for the attack said, was to raise the cost of using weapons prohibited by worldwide treaty and doubts in the minds of Assad's military officers the next time he orders a similar attack.

Macron said that France's response was "limited" and exclusively aimed at "the capabilities of the Syrian regime for the production and use of chemical weapons".

The US-led intervention in Syria comes just hours before the UN's Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts were scheduled to visit the Damascus suburb of Douma on Saturday to determine whether chemical weapons had been used there last week.

President Trump may, or may not, be having a change of heart about re-entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The U.S. left what was then a 12-nation pact in January 2017 during Trump's first full weekday in the Oval Office.

"I am hopeful our response to the Assad Regime's use of chemical weapons is carefully calibrated, and would stress that our actions must be coordinated with our worldwide partners", he said.

France's defense minister, Florence Parly, said that cruise missiles were fired and that an air raid was launched from multiple air bases in France, the AP reported.

"To Iran and Russian Federation I ask, what kind of nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?" he said.

"Right now this is a one-time shot", he said but did not rule out further attacks.

He also blamed "Russia's failure" to keep the 2013 promise that Syria would get rid of its chemical weapons, which was negotiated in good faith with the US.

Trump, in his earlier tweet, said the United States "would only join TPP if the deal were substantially better than the deal offered to President (Barack) Obama".

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford said the three target areas included a scientific research center in Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs and a nearby storage facility with chemical weapons equipment.

Australia's trade minister, Steven Ciobo, said that with a deal already in place, he "can't see that all being thrown open to appease the United States". One airbase the USA fired at was back in use the next day.

"President Trump continues to conduct military operations without any comprehensive strategy or the necessary congressional authorization". Now, they said, his orders were being carried out.

The risk of an escalating trade war with China has panicked American farmers and ranchers, who send many of their products overseas. Last April, he ordered the strike of almost 60 Tomahawk missiles that destroyed a Syrian air base.

The Trump administration says it has ordered the Agriculture Department to create a program to help farmers hurt by trade.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke to both French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Frederick Burke, managing partner for Vietnam at the American law firm Baker McKenzie, said that the Vietnamese government is "very aware of and focused on the issue of circumvention" in trade. "We look forward to the day we can bring our warriors home, and great warriors they are".



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