The unbelievable story of Michael Cohen and Sean Hannity

President Trump’s personal attorney Michael D. Cohen did work for Fox News commentator Sean Hannity in the last year one of just three legal clients Cohen represented after leaving his post as a counsel for Trump’s private company in early 2017 his

Attorneys for Cohen had already applied to Judge Kimba Wood at Manhattan federal court for a restraining order that would stop authorities reviewing the records seized from Cohen until Cohen's team has reviewed the materials themselves.

Federal prosecutors in NY want a special "taint team" of government lawyers to begin reviewing files seized from Cohen during FBI raids last week, so they can decide which are protected by attorney-client privilege and which may be used to prosecute Cohen.

"The judge forced Michael Cohen to admit in court that he has a third client and the third client is Sean Hannity", Tapper said at the start of his show.

Fox News quickly pivoted away from coverage of the Cohen hearing and aired stories about Syria and Barbara Bush's illness.

It was not immediately clear what legal work Cohen provided for Hannity.

"Michael never represented me in any matter", Hannity said of President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer.

Hannity said on Monday that he had never paid for Cohen's services or been represented by him, but had sought confidential legal advice from him.

"I never retained him in the traditional sense as retaining a lawyer, I never received an invoice from Michael, I never paid legal fees to Michael, but I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective". McKay stressed that the team of government lawyers who would review the seized material would be "walled off" from their colleagues, like himself, who are pursuing the criminal inquiry against Cohen.

But that didn't hold up with Wood, who insisted that the third client's name be disclosed publicly at Monday's hearing.

"They're hoping for the worst when it relates to any conservative", he said.

Cohen's attorneys said the client did not want to be associated with their client.

Prosecutor Thomas McKay told the judge during a sidebar session on Friday, "This is a fast-moving investigation".

Prosecutors say they are investigating Cohen's personal business dealings.

Cohen facilitated a $130,000 hush payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an affair she says she had with Trump.

Cohen's attorney had previously identified two other clients: Trump and Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy.

Trump denies any sexual relationship with Daniels.



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