Sparta Police: Blocked Plate Ends with Drug Charges

Protective vest was donated to K9 police officer Havoc in Madison County

Police arrested two men and charged them with attempted kidnapping and other crimes after their intended victim evaded their attempts to grab her on a downtown street, authorities said Sunday.

After she declined the ride, police say that the suspect, 35-year-old Tuan Van Nguyen, grabbed her daughter, who was in the cab at the time.

Hilsa police station SHO RK said the girl's parents are daily wagers and her father has been asked to visit Kotwali police station in Patna immediately.

"Because they pay daily, the landlords are evicting tenants who have lived in their houses for years and they are rather giving the rooms out to these prostitutes".

She said an Ipid death inquest case was launched by Ipid over the suspect's death. The girls said the man forced them to change their appearance by dying their hair.

She is detained at Old Kampala Police Station on charges of giving false information. Police say he claimed he met the girls online more than a year ago, and that he knew they'd left home in Henderson before he went there and got them. Bond is set at $2,500.

The shoot-out occurred when police descended on a murder suspect's house in Steadville in the early hours of Thursday morning, March 29.

The estimated cost of the damage to the window is $500, the Fremont Police Department said.



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