Senior OBAMA Official LEAKED 'Trump Dossier' Details to CNN

Clapper and Tapper

"'Clapper lied about (fraudulent) Dossier leaks to CNN, '" Trump wrote, parroting his favorite Fox show.

Former head of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan unleashed a barrage of criticism upon US President Donald Trump over the latter's unfavorable remarks about former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

OF THE three major investigations into Russia's 2016 election interference, the House Intelligence Committee's has been the briefest, sloppiest and most partisan.

"In 2015, Russian Federation began engaging in a covert influence campaign aimed at the U.S.presidential election", the report begins.

The report alleges or seems to suggest that Clapper admitted discussing it with Tapper before it CNN published a story on it on January 10.

The briefing of Trump by US intelligence chiefs was held on January 6.

The House report also says that the CNN article served as a trigger for all the subsequent dossier-related publications, becoming a "proximate cause of BuzzFeed News' decision to publish the dossier for the first time just a few hours later".

Read the full story at The Federalist.

Early Saturday morning, President Donald Trump took a swing at "lying machine" James Clapper by tweeting out accusations he heard on Fox & Friends. The result is a report released Friday that contains some useful information and recommendations - which will be drowned out by its slanted attacks on the intelligence community and its other attempts to give President Trump cover.

James Comey [note: also a leaker and a liar] wrote in one of four memos that he leaked that the briefing of Trump on salacious and unverified allegations from the dossier was necessary because "CNN had them and were looking for a news hook". "Until that point, the dossier had been "circulating among elected official, intelligence agents, and journalists, ' but remained unpublished".

The Steele dossier features unverified, salacious details about Trump's stay in Moscow, sparking speculations that Russian Federation might be in possession of compromising material, which it could use to blackmail the U.S. president. Clapper testified before the House Intelligence Committee that he did not discuss the anti-Trump dossier compiled by Christopher Steele with journalists.

Oh, and one more thing: CNN hired Clapper as an analyst in August 2017. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for lying to Congress about government mass surveillance of American citizens, he subsequently told MSNBC that the question to which he responded-"Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?"-was a gotcha question similar to, "When did you stop beating your wife?"



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