Sega Ages for Switch Series Could Include Games for Saturn and Dreamcast

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This could be huge news, as it would bring a number of long-lost classics to the Nintendo platform, with possibilities ranging from Fighters Megamix and Sega Rally Championship on the Saturn to Crazy Taxi 2 and Samba de Amigo from the Dreamcast line-up. Instead, they'll be released digitally through the Switch eShop, with more than 15 different games planned for the first phase of releases (if you could call it a phase). Added to yesterday's reveal of Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thunder Force IV, this brings the total known Sega Ages games up to five.

Sega Ages, a brand of Sega used for the company's compilation of classic titles, will make their Nintendo Switch debut by releasing Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Thunder Force IV, and Ground Gain on Nintendo's console.

In a recent post found on the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit photographs of a Mexican Nintendo magazine has surfaced, the images showcase Nintendo commenting on the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch.

The first round of Sega Ages titles hit the Nintendo Switch this summer.

And what about you, what games for Saturn and Dreamcast would you like to see in the SEGA Ages series? The only downside is that the games aren't fully remastered titles, so some fans might be a bit disappointed with the graphics.

Other details that came out of the talk include SEGA's decision to continue expanding the Classic releases, following the last wave of 3D games. M2 was also responsible for the Game Boy Advance line of Virtual Console titles on Wii U. The console looks just like a mini Sega Genesis console, although it doesn't hold cartridges like the original model did.



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