Russian Federation to provide advanced air defenses to Syria

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He said the requests have come from all areas of Syria, neighbouring countries and even globally.

Investigators from the global chemical arms watchdog on Wednesday carried out a visit to a second location in Douma, Syria to gather facts in connection with the reported use of chemical weapons there, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced. "With such a large number of weapons being fired and anti-aircraft fire being directed at them, you would expect, at the very least, a small proportion of them not to get through", he said.

The event is part of an ongoing clash of narratives between the West and Syria and its key ally Russian Federation about the April 7 attack.

A spokesperson for the Russian mission said the Russian and Syrian representatives would hold a news briefing for members of the organization on April 26 where they would speak about the alleged Douma incident. An earlier visit took place on Saturday after the inspectors were delayed for days from getting to the town, just east of Damascus, over security reasons. They repeatedly blamed the rebels and opposition activists for possessing and deploying chemical weapons.

Russian President Putin described the missile attack on Syria on the night of April 14 as an act of aggression. Britain vehemently denied the Russian accusation.

25 de abril de 2018, 11:22Moscow, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) Syria will receive new missile defense systems in the near future, Head of the Main Operations Department at Russia " s General Staff Colonel General Sergey Rudskoy said in Moscow on Wednesday, Russian media highlighted.

The Russian military has said it will soon deliver new air defense systems to Syria in light of missile attacks launched on alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities by the United States, Britain, and France almost two weeks ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his defense ministry to plan for the possible transfer of S-300 anti-air missiles to Syria following the USA and allied cruise missile strikes that easily penetrated Syria's Soviet-era defenses.

Top Russian officials said that in light of the airstrikes on Syria earlier this month, Moscow may reconsider a pledge it gave a decade ago not to provide Syria with the S-300 system. Before and after the US -led hit against Syrian facilities, Russian officials issued repeated but unclear warnings that Moscow will respond in support of Assad's forces.



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