Runaway Commonwealth Games athletes to face deportation from Australia: home affairs minister

Nicolson dedicates gold to her brothers

Sam Gowin of England scored 17 to take the bronze medal.

Stridsman is the second Australian woman to win Commonwealth boxing gold with Shelley Watts taking out the 60kg class at the 2014 Glasgow Games.

The Sydneysider remarkably carried the injury through all three of her bouts at November's selection trials before having surgery to replace the damaged ligament with an Achilles tendon taken from a corpse.

One-third of Cameroon's athletes competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have been reported missing, amid fears they have defected in Australia.

Wilson's victory over Canadian Ryan Bester triggered the sort of wild scenes normally seen at a football match as the 26-year-old - nicknamed "Discotheque" for his penchant for visiting nightclubs - peeled off to soak in the adulation of the home crowd.

"This whole experience has been so special and the last two fights have been extra special", Stridsman said after the fight.

"Obviously I couldn't help myself when it came down to the moment - chucked the shirt off, didn't know where it went, but it was all on the groove".

Nicolson dedicates gold to her brothers

"I have proved now that you can really do it, even if everyone else thinks that you can't", she said.

"I just want to enjoy it and hopefully make that next step and keep winning races".

"I wouldn't have gone for it if I didn't think I could do it".

"When people found out I had torn my ACL, they thought "she is out". Every time I had thoughts about giving up, I just kept fighting".

Aussie world champion Jeff Horn, who was ringside, said Stridsman had earned each round to rightfully win gold. "I'm going to get all the girls' names engraved on the medal", Hosking said.

"She was able to land her jab and right hand really well".

Yesterday's day 7 action was no different to the six before it, with the Australians again dominating on the podium.



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