Prime Minister attends Summit of the Americas and CHOGM

US VP Pence to meet four leaders one-on-one during Americas summit

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence meets Chile's President Sebastian Pinera during a bilateral meeting at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, Saturday, April 14, 2018. It was an unusual display of cross-party unity.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday told business leaders meeting in Peru's capital that under the right conditions the U.S. would reconsider joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite Trump's earlier decision to back away from an initial deal.

The vice president says Maduro has turned Venezuela into a dictatorship and has brought about "abject misery".

Addressing Western Hemisphere leaders in an auditorium where a number of seats were left notably empty, Peru's new president said that rather than accept corruption as a deep-seated scourge impossible to eliminate, governments should adopt concrete measures that prevent it from ever taking place.

Filling in for his boss, US Vice President Mike Pence intends to promote the US as a steady trading partner and press Latin American partners to further isolate Venezuela during his weekend trip to Peru.

Pence was at his resort in Lima when Trump introduced the retaliatory airstrikes on Friday evening from the White Home.

President Maduro was barred from the summit over his plans to hold a presidential election that the opposition is boycotting and that many foreign governments consider a sham.

But Latin Americans took it in stride, even as it deepened the view the region was being snubbed.

"Trump has made it clear the United States will not stand idly by while Venezuela crumbles", he told regional leaders Saturday.

Antonio Ledezma, the former mayor of Caracas, pleaded with Pence through a translator to bolster sanctions against Maduro, asking for "not only humanitarian aid but humanitarian intervention".

During his speech at the 8th Summit of the Americas on Friday, Vizcarra invited the 20 heads of State and Government of the continent to 'work together and make concrete commitments against corruption'.

Organized by trade unions and social organizations in Peru, the event demonstrates continental solidarity in the face of internal and external threats to which progressive efforts are subjected in our region.

Pence in a visit to Colombia last August did meet and pray with struggling Venezuelan migrants in a trip to Cartagena. He'll be subbing for President Donald Trump after the president pulled out of his first planned visit to Latin America to manage the US response to an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria.

And against a backdrop that includes the ongoing attempt to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, tension between the United States and China over potential tariffs, and the possibility the US may decide to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He's also expected to urge Latin American allies to maintain pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.



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