Pregnant woman abuses wrong person by mistake

A state trooper walks a path at the scene where a young woman died Saturday at an abandoned quarry. Route 345 was closed through the park well after dark while the Berks County Coroner and state police investigated the scene

A Rochester man faces several charges after police say he entered the Winona home of a pregnant woman, assaulted her physically and sexually, and tried to stop her from calling 911. When she came to her senses, Coker was kicking her in the stomach.

Following the incident, Manasi was first rushed to the Government hospital at Pattamundai and later, shifted to district headquarters hospital at Kendrapara where she suffered a miscarriage and delivered a stillborn baby on Saturday night.

Quick investigative work by police into the murder of the single mother led to a man who has been detained. Doctors said she would remain in a permanent vegetative state. Family members cared for her for the next six years. "It saddens me every time that something like this happens", he said.

Lundstedt allowed the Mills officer into her home, where another highly intoxicated woman was found in the living room.

The elderly woman told us that her granddaughter was well-loved, and she expressed the wish that the gunman had shot her, the grandmother, instead, since she is 82, so that Downs, who worked so hard to take care of her two children, could have lived.

The child was only able to tell the officer that his mother drove a black and pink vehicle. A man was taken into custody and a woman and child were released unharmed. She reportedly stated that she had been in a relationship with the complainant for quite some time. While claiming that he too had been harassing her for some time, the accused woman said that purportedly to teach him a lesson she conspired to blackmail him.

However, they were met with stiff resistance from Manasi who was expecting.



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