New BioShock game tipped underway at top-secret 2K studio

A Secret 2K Studio Is Currently In Development On A New Bio Shock Video Game

A new report suggests that a new game in the series is now in development, but is top secret at the moment. The last major entry was made with the last generation of game consoles in mind, and there's been ample time for publisher 2K Games to start work on a whole new game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 generation. Next door, a small group of people were working on a project code-named Parkside, quietly recruiting from across the video game industry for a game so secret, they wouldn't even tell their colleagues at Hangar 13 about it. Word got out, though, that it was in fact a new game in one of the most interesting shooter franchises of the past decade: BioShock.

Although neither the article nor Schreier hinted at what the secret studio could be, astute observers have noticed that Hangar 13 and the now-defunct BioShock 2 developer 2K Marin are both situated in Novato, California.

Interestingly enough, some of the developers from Hangar 13 (who worked on Mafia 3) have joined this new 2K studio. "It was all very tight-lipped". According to the Kotaku story, the team has been struggling to find its next project since the release of Mafia III in 2016, resulting in a rough music game prototype and multiple rounds of layoffs.

The rumored project hasn't been announced, and the studio reportedly working on it is brand new. It remains to be seen just how many of them will be involved with this new BioShock, but we're just going to have to wait for an official announcement somewhere down the line. This past year was a turbulent time for the studio, as it floundered while trying to figure out what its next game would be. If anything, it seems like they are a lot more keen to keep this one close to the vest until they are fully ready to release the details to the world. While many are leaning towards it being Borderlands 3, it could be the new BioShock, because the franchise is really important to the company. Irrational Games, now Ghost Story Games, is well known for the role it played in developing two of the three games in the series, but the rights to BioShock remained with 2K when the two companies separated in 2017.



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