New Battlefront 2 Mode Has Ewoks Hunting Stormtroopers At Night

Gaming‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ adds Ewoks to ‘Night on Endor’Prepare for the Ewok attackea  by: Sean Thomas

Instead, players are taking on the role of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor as they hunt down Imperial stormtroopers.

Yes, microtransactions are back and that's upsetting, but did you say "Ewok Hunt" mode? Crystals must be purchased with real money, but EA emphasized that they can only be used to directly acquire "Appearances" for playable characters, which are also accessible via credits earned through gameplay. Plus, if you want, you can use the play-generated Credits currency to pick up these "Appearances" instead.

Set to be deployed next week, EA and DICE have announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will be receiving the "Night on Endor" update, adding a new limited-time Ewok Hunt mode in which you can play as an Ewok defending your homeland or a Stormtrooper looking to escape an Ewok ambush. (Check out EA's FAQ for more on Crystals.) Plus, more than 50 additional Appearances to personalize your units will be made available in this update.

The Battlefront II: Night on Endor update might sound like the title of a bawdy, 80s comedy, but it's actually a limited-time event - commencing on April 18, 2018 - allowing you to battle for the planet of Endor. As many of you have suspected, all our focus was on the Progression Update, as we felt this was the most important improvement to the game that we needed to make. These change will come as part of the Night on Endor update that's being released next Wednesday (18th April).

"Seasons will focus around a specific theme (such as a new Star Wars film, or an anniversary in the Star Wars Universe) and will usually span multiple months". Every Stormtrooper that is killed spawns a new Ewok. At least we're not getting a Jar Jar mode. While there hasn't been any mention of a pink Darth Vader skin (sadly we may only have mods for that), there are a number of other skins included in the official forum post, such as Ach-To Rey and Wounded Chewbacca.



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