Monaco wants grid girls back for this year's F1 race

Hoch Zwei  Global Look Press

Boeri scoffs at the idea that the grid-girls are hired to please leering male fans, "We demand exemplary behaviour from them".

Meanwhile, the Russian GP in Sochi may also see the use of grid girls, as Russian deputy prime minister and head of the race's organising committee said: "In all forms of motor sport there are girls advertising cars harmoniously and pleasantly".

The Russian Grand Prix takes place in Sochi from 28-30 September.

F1 spokesman Sean Bratches said during Liberty Media's initial announcement regarding grid girls, promotional models who accompany drivers to the track, that the decision to ban them reflected a change in "societal norms".

The boss of the Monaco Grand Prix is planning to reverse Formula One's recent modernisation of some traditions by retaining "grid girls" at the glamorous Mediterranean race weekend in May.

As referenced above, the "Grid Girls" will be making an appearance in the Monaco Grand Prix in what is essentially an act of defiance by the race against the ruling of Liberty Media, the mass media company that completed their purchase of Formula 1 a year ago, to do away with the "Grid Girls" and ultimately replace them with the "Grid Kids".

It was agreed ahead of the 2018 season that F1 would no longer use girls on the grid, with children from local motorsport clubs instead taking this role, but this has not gone down well with Kozak.

"It's wrong at races to lead out children, who are frightened of mechanical things".

"Our girls are the most lovely", Kozak told Interfax.

"Girls advertise automobiles in all motorsports - it looks attractive and fitting. The cameras will be on them". They perform during the Grand Prix at events that are in line with their training.



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