Man Rocking Cowboy Hat Stops Armed Robbery with Bare Hands

Monterrey store robbery thwarted by customer

The robber's gun falls in the scuffle as the courageous man wrestles him until the store staff runs to his aid.

Authorities say the cinematic moment happened on Monday April 23rd at a convenience store in Monterrey, Mexico.

A man in a cowboy hat stops a gunman at a convenience store in Mexico.

. He then shifted focus to another person in the shop.

A man donning a cowboy hat pounced at the most opportune moment during an attempted armed robbery - and took the armed suspect down with his bare hands.

The man wearing the hat in the video has been identified as Reynaldo Cárdenas and he told The Washington Post that even though he looked clamed and composed on the camera, he was actually scared.

Surveillance video shows a customer fighting back and taking down a man who tried to rob a business.

When the suspect attempts to flee the scene, a second store employee can be seen tackling him and restraining him for a second time.

The CCTV footage doing rounds on the internet was uploaded by Daily Mail and shows the hero in a cowboy hat, denim biker jacket, and jeans, calmly removing his glasses before leaping onto the robber from behind.



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