Man Arrested for Molesting Woman During IPL Match in Mumbai

Detective Superintendent Denise Gray advised people to be careful of their personal security and to not open the door to strangers

Lois Ann Riess, 56, spotted "twin" Pamela Hutchinson, 59, in Fort Myers Beach, and somehow finagled her way inside the woman's apartment - where Riess shot her dead on Monday, CBS Minnesota reported.

Riess is believed to become driving Hutchinson's vehicle. The auto has been seen in Louisiana and Corpus Christi, Texas, since Hutchinson died. Her current whereabouts are unknown. "The woman said she was three months pregnant and was going to the CHC with her child in a private taxi when the driver stopped the auto". "U.S. Marshals are actively engaged at a federal search for this unsafe fugitive".

After allegedly killing her hubby, Riess forged her husband's signature to swipe $11,000 from his bank account and headed to a casino in Iowa. Prosecutors are preparing second-degree murder charges in that case.

Anyone who sees Reiss is urged to call 911, and anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to call the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or Florida authorities.

After the firm partner of David Riess named Dodge County government to inquire to test him Riess has been busy since at least March.

The SDPO said, Manasi was staying with her two children as her husband, a plumber, was working in Delhi. They couldn't determine how long he was useless, and his or her wife could not be found by researchers. When police traced her to the Diamond Jo Casino, she had already left.



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