Local lawmakers react to military strikes in Syria

A missile from the air defenses belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force attempts to intercept a coalition missile in Damascus

"We do not seek conflict in Syria, but we can not allow such grievous violations of worldwide law", she said, referring to the suspected chemical attack. Now that the extent and nature of the strikes are much clearer, my assessment is that they will not achieve their stated goal.

"I hope hot heads will cool down and that will be it", he told reporters.

The airstrikes drew the ire of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has backed Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad. He also says that because there hasn't been a thorough investigation into the attacks, many more questions remain about how they were carried out.

He authorized a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit a single Syrian airfield in April 2017 in retaliation for Assad's use of sarin gas against civilians.

New resolution: According to French Ambassador Francois Delattre, France, Britain and the USA will soon present the Council with a new draft resolution aimed at achieving a lasting solution in Syria.

"Based on recent experience, we fully expect a significant disinformation campaign over the coming days by those who have aligned themselves with the Assad regime", said Mattis, adding that White and Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie would speak "in effort to maintain transparency and accuracy". It said air defenses confronted the attack and had shot down 13 missiles in the Kiswah area south of Damascus.

"The worst apprehensions have come true". "All the things that we need to live are being cut", he said.

"All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris. The US - the possessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons - has no moral right to blame other countries".

The current escalation of the situation in Syria "has a destructive effect on the whole system of global relations", the Kremlin said.

Iran's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the airstrikes and warned of its regional consequences. The Syrian leadership denied any involvement in the attack, and invited the experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate into the reports. "Bombs won't save lives or bring about peace", Mr Corbyn said.

USA envoy Haley also said that if Trump draws the red line, he enforces it and the U.S. will continue to sustain pressure on Syria.

Israel commended the swift response of the USA and its allies.

For adoption, a resolution requires at least nine votes in favor on the condition that none of the permanent members - Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States - votes against.



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