Kim Kardashian Posted Naked Pictures in Honor of Her New Fragrance

Kim Kardashian Launches New KKW Beauty Créme Color Sticks at Beautycon

She launched KKW Fragrance in November 2017 with a gardenia-inspired trio of Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud, and she followed that up with three more limited-edition scents for Valentine's Day - KKW Fragrance KIMOJI Hearts Perfumes in Bae, Ride or Die and BFF.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star had shared a first picture of her family of five earlier this month. Today, Kim teased the new addition to the line. Kim's two photos, promoting the April 30 release of her latest fragrance, feature her completely naked - and almost uncovered. We're not kidding when we say they're NSFW, so you've been warned.

Take a look at the jawdropping pics (above AND below) and THEN let us know where YOU stand! Seriously; we're about one inch or less away from seeing Kim go full frontal. Not.

A second image, more explicit this time, shared by the KKW Fragrance Instagram account shows the lower part of Kim's body without any underwear. - Kim's body! "It is a sculpture, basically, of my body. It smells to me like what I would think golden smells like, even though that's a color and something that's just luminous", Kardashian recently told Business of Fashion. We're guessing the new perfume will be in the shape of her biggest asset. It seems as though Kim is trying to cause a Twitter frenzy before she officially drops her new scent - and it's working.



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