Justin Bieber Reportedly Punches Man at Coachella Party for Assaulting a Woman


The 24-year-old singer stepped in to help a woman from being attacked by her ex boyfriend at a Coachella party Saturday night (April 14), TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber is being hailed a hero!

Whatever the connection, the guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and wouldn't let go.

Bieber and a friend of his took notice and, per the source, immediately came to the aide of the young woman, demanding that the man release her.

Bieber than hit the man in the face and shoved him against the wall, so the woman was able to get free of the man's grip.

Inside sources at the party say the man who went insane on the woman appeared to be on drugs. Justin was there with a friend and was speaking with some people when the guy in question walked in, saw the woman, and went off, sources close to the situation told the website.

They also claimed that the man told Justin to "go f*** yourself" when Justin became involved and that the man was then thrown out the party. The man, who was not named in the report, was seen screaming Bieber's name and trying to hit the vehicle.

Police reportedly arrested the man, who was apparently on drugs and angry at his alleged victim, who was his ex.



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