Humanoid robot autories two passengers and turns into sports vehicle

As a 13-foot car the robot can reach speeds of 40mph

Japanese company Brave Robotics unveiled a "Transformers"-like robot that can transform from a 12-foot tall humanoid into a two-person vehicle". While this might sound like a really cool idea to make a robot transform itself into an unusual looking sports vehicle and drive around the city, its makers revealed that they have never taken the monster machine outside the factory cargo bay area. One such marvel, a humanoid robot called J-deite RIDE was unveiled in Japan this week.

It can walk at a speed of 0.06 miles per hour, or run on its four wheels.

The J-Deite RIDE was conceptualized by Brave Robotics CEO, Kenji Ishida back in 2015 but has become a reality in 2018.

A auto that transforms into a four-meter-tall robot has come to life - and no, it doesn't hail from the Transformers homeworld of Cybertron but right here on planet Earth. Ishida said he was inspired by his love of transforming robots from childhood anime movies.

The robot was developed by SoftBank's software subsidiary Asratec Corp., Tokyo-based start-up Brave Robotics Inc. and Sansei Technologies Inc., an Osaka-based game machine maker. Not figurative robots, like Transformers, but actual?

Even though many people may see the robot as just an "expensive toy", Ishida states that his goal is to inspire others with his creation.



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