Google to launch a redesigned version of Gmail

Google to launch a redesigned version of Gmail

The web clients of Gmail are set to receive one of its most substantial overhauls in the next few weeks, yet Google made no announcements publicly. The company isn't revealing exactly what the new design for Gmail looks like.

However, all the filtered calls will show up in call history if you are interested in checking them out, and, the voicemails left by others for you will be shown in their respective tab.

The last time Google implemented a change in the design of Gmail was in 2014.

As you can see, the Compose Email screenshot will have a Smart Reply option - something users of the Gmail app will be familiar with, since it launched on mobile past year. When users try to open an expired e-mail, they'll find an expired link to the message and will no longer be available for viewing.

Google Go‚ a new app that promises "a lighter‚ faster‚ way to search" has been launched to cater especially for Africans coming online with mobile phones as their primary and sometimes only internet device.

The news comes after some outlets reported on leaks of a possible upcoming Gmail redesign. Web pages load quickly, even in data-saving mode or on 2G connections. This means, like Google Inbox, there will be a "snooze" feature on Gmail after the new design has been rolled out.

Therefore, Gmail will allow you to encrypt certain sensitive emails. New features will also be added, such as a Smart Reply feature, the ability to snooze emails, and offline email support. The update is also expected introduce smart reply, and easy ways to access G-Suite apps from within Gmail.

"This is perhaps the most useful part of the redesign that makes it easier to schedule meetings, or see when you're free when replying to an email", adds The Verge.

Google has mailed to all G-Suite users about the implementation of the new design.

The sidebar, an optional tool, can show your calendar, notes from Google Keep or your tasks, depending on your preference.



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