Fortnite: 10 Players You Are Guaranteed To Meet

New Fortnite Skins Leaked on Twitter, Prehistoric Theme for Season Four?

Having 100 players in a battle royale match seems to be the standard number at the moment for the genre, but Fortnite's devs have considered going beyond that number. I mean, personally, I would love to try it. It's a tough problem to solve because they're different paces of game.

Perhaps this higher-than-100 player mode could be tested as a Limited Time diversion to gauge reception among players.

When Epic Games brought its popular action survival game Fortnite to iOS, it took just three days to generate more than a million dollars in in-app purchases.

Charles 'Chuckmode93, ' posted a picture of his body's new artwork on Twitter and the results are quite remarkable; any casual player of the game will immediately recognize the game's iconic location. By the time the servers came back up, Epic had been experiencing Fortnite server issues for almost 24 hours, resulting in a lengthy maintenance period that made the game inaccessible for everyone. It's not something that is easy to map from one to the other.

In the interview, Williamson also said the development team had a discussion on how they could more closely integrate the PvP and PvE modes. Developers would be happy to release such limited time modes because it would allow players to experiment and do things they wouldn't be able to do in the original game mode. The postmortem will also cover what Epic's doing to avoid a problem like this in the future, and it'll be ready for all of us to read sometime this week. Of course, this direction of integrating game modes comes with plenty of things to consider since each class is different from one another and certain classes can either have a huge advantage or a huge disadvantage over another class. One of the more interesting teased content updates, however, has got to be the increased player cap of the usual 100-man lobby.

Those are really fun palate cleansers. they allow us to do things we couldn't do in the core game. they give us the opportunity to break the game and tip everything on its head.



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