Facebook Explains What Data It Collects Even When You're Not Logged In

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook requires outside sites that use its tracking technologies to clearly notify users, and it allows Facebook users to opt out of seeing ads based on their use of those apps and websites.

"We already show people what apps their accounts are connected to and control what data they have permitted those apps to use through app settings", a spokesperson for Facebook said. Here cookies allow them to count the number of unique visitors and recognise those who have also got an account on the social network. Amazon, Google and Twitter all have login features.

In its blogpost, the company said it believes that "once a story is rated as false, we have been able to reduce its distribution by 80 per cent, and thereby, improve accuracy of information on Facebook and reduce misinformation".

But in Europe, some regulators contend that Facebook has not obtained users' explicit and informed consent to track them on other sites and apps.

Zuckerberg says Facebook "failed" to protect people's information following the use by Cambridge Analytica of data scraped from 87 million Facebook users to target political ads ahead of the 2016 United States presidential election. "This means protecting it via finding and fixing security vulnerabilities, but also from third party companies or apps buying or collecting their data through other means barred by our terms. This can help with things like saving items in your shopping cart", Baser explained.

Facebook claims that many websites and apps use its services to make its content and ads more "engaging". Finally, Facebook ads and measurement tools facilitate websites and apps with advertisements.

There are three main ways in which Facebook apparently uses the information it receives.

According to Facebook, the information it receives can include the name of the website or app, your IP address, your browser, what operating system you use and whether you've visited the third-party site before.

When does Facebook get data about people from other websites and apps?

The process for downloading your Facebook data is a little convoluted, and you don't get it instantly. "For example, receiving data about the sites a particular browser has visited can help us identify bad actors", he posted.

The company insists that it only provides insights for advertisers based on user metrics, and maintains that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm based in the United Kingdom that claims to influence elections, took advantage of this system back in 2014.

Facebook has been embroiled in a massive data breach controversy ever since it surfaced that British data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly gathered information on its 87 million users.

The researchers labeled suspicious ad-buyers as groups with pages that have been inactive, inaccessible, removed or banned by Facebook since the election and there was no information available publicly about them.



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