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Mark Zuckerberg Congress testimony

Earlier, during the first five-hour marathon session at US Congress late on Tuesday, the Facebook CEO conveyed his concerns about the upcoming elections globally.

CORNISH: So was it more of the same in terms of the style of questioning?

But what wasn't allowed was selling that data - originally collected for research purposes - to Cambridge Analytica, which used it for business purposes.

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden said the committee will look at what could be done.

GREG WALDEN: While Facebook has certainly grown, I worry it may not have matured. It subsequently became an embarrassment for him and eventually Facebook. A few lawmakers argued that Facebook doesn't have a true competitor - overall a much more informative hearing.

Senators and representatives have already proposed new laws, including the Consent Act, introduced by Sen.

As you travel through the web, you're likely to encounter Facebook Like or Share buttons, which the company calls Social Plugins, on all sorts of pages, from news outlets to shopping sites.

While this recent development may have brought forth further doubts regarding Facebook and its user growth and engagement, along with more demand for a GDPR-type of regulation in the USA, we're still confident that the firm is more likely to endure the short-term impact of the data breach issue and at this point don't expect a significant long-term negative effect on Facebook's platform and operations.

"I received an email from Facebook that lists the people who have all invited me to join Facebook: my aunt, an old co-worker, a friend from elementary school, etc".

Of course, anybody else who owns Facebook shares have benefited as well.

Mark Zuckerberg was challenged over "alarming reports of breaches of trust between your company - one of the biggest and most powerful in the world - and its users" by a Republican lawmaker as the second straight day of congressional hearings for the Facebook Inc.co-founder opened.

Facebook has been in the spotlight since news broke last month that the personal information of 87 million users had been illegally harvested by consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica in an attempt to influence political outcomes.

As for non-users, Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Florida, pointed out Wednesday that the company tracks them, too. Also, maybe you don't want to wait around for Facebook to get to your account's notification.

Facebook can never be a monopoly in Zuckerberg's eyes, because its competition is every other form of human activity. He gave no timeline.

That explained how the leaked data included information users hadn't directly handed over to Facebook.

CORNISH: Any indications what lawmakers might do next? "I'm not sure what that means", Zuck replied.

"We are also awaiting the result of the processes now being undertaken by UK's Information Commissioner's Office, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the US Federal Trade Commission and the Australian Privacy and Information Commissioner", Edwards said. He said it was inevitable that the industry was going to be regulated eventually, but he didn't commit to anything specific.

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