Experts share last-minute tax filing tips

Tax Deadline April 17th

According to federal law, District of Columbia holidays impact tax deadlines in the same way that federal holidays do; therefore, all taxpayers will have two extra days to file this year.

Daney and Scales said ahead of the 2014 tax filing season they were directed to manipulate client information to maximize refunds.

April 17th is the final day to file taxes unless you get an extension. Seek help. 5. If you do have issues with the IRS, help is available and programs are in place so that you can become compliant again. That means almost 50 million taxpayers have either spent the last week scrambling to locate key documents and file their returns, or have scrambled to locate key documents and instead filed for an extension.

VITA offers free tax services for people making $54,000 or less, 60-years-old or older with disabilities and limited English language speakers. Check your state tax department's website: While some states will automatically apply your federal extension, others require you to submit a separate state extension form.

If you're getting a refund, the IRS would like you to file on time. As of April 6, just more than 103 million had been filed.

Tax experts say you should not avoid filing your taxes is because you don't have the money to pay. Workers are starting to see more take-home pay as employers implement the new withholding guidelines from the IRS. Any tax liability is still due by the April 17 deadline.

Paying off debt is another priority when it comes to planned uses of tax refunds.

However, if you can't find a way to pay - file anyway.

The most popular planned use of tax refunds, coming in at 43%, is adding the money to their savings. Some are income basic but it's only a little bit throughout the year, so I think it's good that everybody looks forward to that refund.



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