Doom is getting another shot at being a video game movie

Doom Dwayne The Rock Johnson

While there's no official announcement from Universal yet, Bergman confirmed on Twitter that she's on board for the movie and mentions a 'super cool director, ' though wouldn't go into any further details.

While comic books have long escaped the stigma about them being automatically awful, video game movies are still trying to find their footing. Bergman also told a fan that this Doom movie has a "much better script" than its predecessor. The second time may prove to be the charm, however, as actress/musician Nina Bergman tweeted that she'll be appearing in a new adaptation of the demonic video game.

While the Doom video game series kept chugging along after the original Doom movie's release (with the last main game, a reboot simply titled Doom, being released in 2016), this is the first we've heard about the property returning to the big screen. Would you like to see a Doom film done right?

Doom is one of the many gaming franchises to suffer from the video game movie curse, in that its Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-fronted film from 2005 was a complete disaster. The film has a pitiful 19% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and even Johnson himself says it's a bad movie. It says a lot that the highest rated video game movie is now "Rampage".

"Wow, I'm doing the next Doom movie with Universal Pictures!" wrote Bergman. The reason for that could be because this new "Doom" movie might not be going to theaters. However, it seems Universal Studios is making another one and this time, it might either by direct to DVD or will release on an online streaming service.



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