Diamond and Silk: Zuckerberg Lied, 'We Have Not Been Contacted'

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In a series of questions on how people can remove data from Facebook, Zuckerberg said the company does "collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook, for security purposes".

Whether Facebook employees worked alongside Cambridge Analytica when they embedded with the Trump campaign in 2016.

Zuckerberg clearly admitted to mistakes and took responsibility.

So Zuckerberg, who owns more than 401.4 million shares in Facebook, got almost $3 billion richer in the past few days. Zuckerberg said he was getting to the bottom of what the UK-based firm did and will tell everyone who may have been affected.

Whether Aleksandr Kogan, who sold Facebook data to Cambridge Analytica, still has a Facebook account.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook allows people to decide whether and how they want their information shared.

It has been reported by Open Democracy that Cambridge Analytica's parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories, owned by the Billionaire Robert Mercer, is also involved with military propaganda, and has previously undertaken operations in Russian Federation on behalf of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Ahead of the hearings, Facebook has announced a number of changes to its privacy and data settings in an effort to address users' concerns. Responding to a question, he told lawmakers that he meant to initiate legal action against the firm accused of stealing personal data and using it for political purposes in the 2016 US Presidential elections. "Facebook has been extremely successful in developing tools and algorithms to stop certain types of content from being pushed on the site, and we're hopeful they will do the same to stop the sale of drugs", he added. Rather than putting a dent in his well-prepared armor, two days of unfocused questioning helped Zuckerberg restore more than $25 billion in market value that the company has lost since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in mid-March.

What isn't as well known, however, is just how many companies, big and small, provide information about you the other way.

Zuckerberg was asked to talk to the US Congress and he accepted the invitation.

During Wednesday's hearing, Zuckerberg divulged that his own personal data had been sold to a third party.

Vince Mitchell: We could think about the potential 87 billion people whose data was compromised yet here. Zuckerberg said Facebook has "a lot of competitors" including "the other tech platforms, Google, Apple, Microsoft".

"We expected them to do a number of more traditional cyber-attacks, which we did identify and notify the campaigns that they were trying to hack into them", he said. He came away with a stern warning from the senators that if Facebook and others don't fix the privacy issue, the United States government would intervene.

Facebook is a company built for profit and is answerable to its shareholders.

- A path forward -Some analysts said Zuckerberg's appearance suggests a new path forward for social media under closer scrutiny.

These "skinny" mainframes-which are take up 40 percent less space than typical mainframes-also will expand the reach of IBM's stalwart systems to an "even broader center of clients seeking robust security with pervasive encryption, machine learning, cloud capabilities and powerful analytics", Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM Z, said in a statement. "And I'm sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here".



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