Cornwall and SDG shows its Jersey Day support for Humboldt

Cailin Hergott left and Sylvie Kellington started the huge GoFundMe campaign

It was only a week ago that we covered the horrific crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. The team donated $1,000 from the auction to the families of the young people killed in the bus crash.

"If anybody knows hockey, the families become very close over the years as they play together", Opperman says.

Then her next tweet got cryptic and downright terrible as she complained that people were only donating so much because all of the victims involved were White males.

"We've gotten messages now from China, Australia, England, all over the United States, Mexico, we're just beyond excited our little message is getting so much coverage", said Pinch.

"And for that to have happened and to have ended in such a tragic way is heartbreaking for all of their families who only wanted their kids to be part of the great things that hockey brings to us - camaraderie and responsibility and skills and leadership and all of those wonderful things".

"It's Canada and we're proud of our country and were proud of hockey and what it means to every Canadian", said Smith.

Bruins coach Chris Lewgood says the visit to the crash site was a first step towards closure for a lot of his players.

David and Nicole D'hondt were watching their son Xavier play during the tournament and were proudly wearing Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys respectively.

Hawks players wore green helmets to honor the Broncos in the warmups and both teams were wore Humboldt Broncos ribbons on their jerseys. Staff and council also took part in the "jersey day" movement on Thursday.

Whether a Leafs fan or a Senators fan, everyone set their rivalries aside as they wrapped one another in hugs and became one united Canadian team in support of the Humboldt Broncos.



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