Congress Will Win In 2019, Rahul Gandhi Declares At Mega Delhi Rally

Congress Will Win 2019 General Elections Rahul Gandhi At Jan Akrosh Rally

If the Congress wants to see "Jan Akrosh" (people's anger), they should see the results of election after election, where it has been comprehensively defeated across the length and breadth of India, he said.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has now officially become the most followed Congress party leader on Twitter with 6.77 million followers, as compared to the 6.7 million followers that Tharoor has, as of Sunday.

Rahul Gandhi also accused the BJP government of failing farmers of the country. Youths who were promised two crore jobs are still unemployed and they know they have been betrayed by Modiji.

"PM Modi snatched away the Rafale deal from an experienced PSU like HAL and gave it away to an inexperienced private entity owned by his friend", Gandhi said. "What kind of prime minister is he?" asked Gandhi at the rally held at Ramlilia Maidan here. Our PM hasn't spoken a single word on Doklam in China. On n his part Khurshid said Salman Khurshid: I have said before and will say again that my party is a party of truth and we are not scared of the truth.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Modi's seaplane ride during the Gujarat Assembly elections this year, the Congress President said, "You stood up to this government in Gujarat".

"Every Congress worker is a lion's cub".

The BJP chief said Congress' efforts to create divisions are fully exposed.

The UPA leader said atrocities on women had increased so much that even little girls were not safe now.

Rahul crudely compared Nirav Modi to the Prime Minister, saying that while the former has cheated the country and run away with the money of the public, the latter has imposed Demonetization, which has caused a lot of anger in people, because of the broken system that makes it hard for them to access their money.

Singh also showed his concern for protecting the democracy of the nation and said, "Democracy is a gift of the Constitution". Parliament is not being allowed to function & legislation is being bulldozed.

"Whenever I ask people whether they are happy, they say they are angry and afraid of the government", Rahul said.

- Former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh addresses the rally.

"The time has come that we support Rahul Gandhi in making this country a better place", he said.



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