Colorado teachers plan their own Capitol rally Monday

Teachers set up tents on the lawn of the of capitol Friday

Hundreds of teachers are expected to make their way to the state Capitol on Monday for a "Day of Action" to plead with legislators for more funding. Many teachers in Virginia have had to get second jobs in order to pay for their expenses and families, especially during the summers when they aren't working.

At least one Denver-area school district is closing Monday because so many of its teachers called in to take a personal day for the rally. He is the pre-engineering teacher and head of the Engineering Academy at Thompson High School. Many teachers all over the country have been coming together on Facebook and planning strikes and "walk ins".

Mr Watkins said the school made mental health counsellors available to students and staff, and classes went on as scheduled.

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario has released an updated version of its "Building Better Schools" education agenda outlining what needs to be done to meet the educational needs of all students.

Steve Collins, who follows 9NEWS on Twitter, said what he most wanted to know about the protests was "If they are so concerned about the kids, are they not DOING THEIR jobs today?".

Do you think teachers get paid enough?

"We're still here for our kids", said Mary, an administrative assistant who was there in support of PERA as well as the teachers she works with.

And though she'll see her salary increase by about $5,800 with the new pay scale, after 10 years in the classroom, Wiser said she now only makes about $34,000 with a master's degree in chemistry. He likened being a teacher to "becoming a father". "We need a viable profession". The Associated Press reports that Colorado underfunds its schools by $822 million per year, but that next year, lawmakers are trying to increase per-pupil spending by 6 percent in next year's budget plan.

Some teachers told CBS4 they are exhausted of having to take time away from the classroom to rally and fix the numerous issues within public education. In comparison, Wyoming teachers earn $US58,000 and have a lower cost of living.



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