Cohen isn't the biggest catch from Trump World

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen under criminal investigation

A judge considering how to handle records seized in an Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on President Donald Trump's personal attorney wrapped up a hearing into the matter Monday without making a final decision.

But in court papers filed Monday morning, Cohen's lawyers seemingly abandoned that first request, now saying a court-appointed official would be the best way to conduct the review.

Cohen's lawyer argued Friday during a hastily scheduled court hearing in NY that documents and devices seized from Cohen should be protected by attorney-client privilege.

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President Donald Trump's personal attorney is at a federal court today in New York City to argue over evidence found during a recent FBI raid, and porn star Stormy Daniels's lawyer says she'll be there, too.

"I understand he doesn't want his name out there, but that's not enough under the law", she said.

Cohen did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Sean Hannity one of Cohen's clients Fox News host Sean Hannity says it's no "big deal" that he consulted with Donald Trump's personal lawyer about his own legal affairs. During that session, lawyers for Cohen are expected to tell the judge overseeing the case how many legal clients he has and how many seized documents he thinks might be covered by attorney-client privilege. Cohen said he paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about her claim to have had a one-night-stand with Trump.

President Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen are in the process of fighting the government's review of files the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized pursuant to search warrants on Cohen's office and home.

Last week's raids came after a "months-long" investigation of possible crimes related largely to Cohen's business dealings, rather than his work as a lawyer, prosecutors said in a court filing on Friday. The FBI raids also sought information that included payments allegedly made to keep women silent about affairs with Trump more than a decade ago.

His lawyers want to be allowed to decide which items seized are protected by attorney-client privilege before criminal prosecutors see them.

Hannity, who has been unwavering in his support of Trump, said Cohen has never represented him in a case involving a third party.

Joanna Hendon, Trump's lawyer, told an initial court hearing last Friday that the United States president has an "acute interest" in the matter. They said that prosecutors had already intercepted emails from Cohen and executed the search warrants only after discovering that there were no emails between Trump and Cohen.

Attorney Michael Cohen entered federal court in Manhattan on Monday for the afternoon proceeding.

Trump, or his lawyers, would then get to say what he believed to be off-limits to investigators.

Prosecutors are reportedly investigating potential bank fraud and campaign finance law violations by Cohen.

Monday's hearing began with an appearance by porn actress Stormy Daniels, who was swarmed by photographers and almost fell as she was hustled into the courthouse, a scene that captured the sensational atmosphere around the case.

"Among other things, President Trump has publicly denied knowing that Cohen paid Clifford, and suggested to reporters that they had to "ask Michael" about the payment", the footnote argues, citing a story by CNN's Kevin Liptak.



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