Class time cut in half for juniors, seniors at Riverside High School

Millcreek School District Arms Teachers with Baseball Bats

To reduce school shootings, we don't need to arm every adult on campus, we need to ban assault rifles and make sure that only responsible, qualified citizens are able to purchase these deadly weapons. She said we had done a good job.

You could call this day ten of the teacher walkout.

"You have achieved a historic victory for our students", Priest said.

Millcreek Education Association president Jon Cacchione says he supports the decision to arm teachers with bats, which will be locked up in each classroom. Arming teachers can be risky and lead to accidents that hurt students.

With the funding passed by the legislators, Towne said another commitment the district can fulfill is to start increasing school budgets for equipment and supplies.

The union bargains with the district on behalf of about 2,600 teachers and other certified workers. Oklahoma City Public Schools, the largest school district in the state, said they will provide information on Friday regarding their participation in the walkout.

"They've been out for two weeks, and it's time for them to get back to school", Fallin said in a statement.

The guideline does not state whether the school should also look into the pass records of a teacher during the recruitment process.

In Arizona, the moment of truth has not definitively arrived, though teachers are threatening a statewide walkout if a broad range of demands (similar to those of Oklahoma teachers) from pay raises to retroactive education funding restoration are not met. For nine days, tens of thousands of teachers filled the hallways of the Capitol to plead for additional classroom funding.

Ryan Avery Fish, 23, of South Road in Bozrah, told police "I'm an idiot" who just wanted to be friends with the students, according to the warrant for his arrest.

"If our kids are not allowed to be in school to get an education how do we expect them to excel in life, I mean we can't go on with this forever", Irvin said.

In their desperation to retain existing students, teachers of some schools pool in money to engage extra hands through parent-teacher organisations.

The union reported Friday that the survey's online link was shared with nonmembers and resulted in more votes than official union members. Oklahoma House, Senate adjourn with no new action on education funding. And, she said teachers remain committed to the cause.

"I'm disappointed in the pullout of support from our teacher-led movement to secure more funding for our schools before a consensus was reached through a majority of polling efforts", said Jessica Lightle, a teacher at Puterbaugh Middle School in McAlester.

The student who made the report in December reported that he was beaten and robbed by students. "I plan to continue providing the high academic standards and strong sense of community that St. John School is known for", he said. By passing that, lawmakers hoped to head off the pending teacher walkout. And for the most part, the state's GOP has been dismissive of teacher protests on this and the more general topic of education spending. "Complacency simply can not be allowed any longer".



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