China's March trade weakens, surplus with USA at $15.4B

US President Donald Trump and China counterpart Xi Jinping. A clash between two strongmen leaders running the two biggest economies could lay waste to stability in markets everywhere

Some parts of California, which have high concentrations of jobs in one of those critical California industries, could be affected, the research said, adding that the agriculture industry is only one of them.

So the small victory President Donald Trump has won in the so-called "trade war" he initiated needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

President Xi Jinping's vow this week to cut tariffs in some sectors, and Trump's warm response, have calmed some concerns - but a vast gulf in expectations remains between the two nations.

Also, said Xi, China will address a longstanding US complaint, intellectual property protection.

In a separate and potentially bigger dispute, the ministry criticized Trump's decision Thursday to approve a possible tariff hike on Chinese imports worth up to $60 billion over Beijing's technology policy.

Against the backdrop of recent tensions, customs bureau spokesman Huang Songping repeated China's line that it is not looking for an advantage over its trading partners. -China Business Council, which represents American companies that do business with China. They won't be happy but we have no other choice.

Trump said Friday that he was not concerned that the tariffs would be a drag on the stock market.

"So China is negotiating with us very hard, very long, and we've made a lot of progress for opening it up and for getting rid of those tariffs".

Instead, the Trump administration wants Chinese leaders to address more basic structural issues that interfere with market forces, said the official.

At least twice this year, the US Navy UU It has deployed destroyers near the island of Huangyan Dao in the South China Sea, also known as Scarborough Shoal.

Kumar said that India and China need to work for a better economic climate for our investors and entrepreneurs.

He warned that there would be negative spillover effects from any trade war between the United States and China instead of hitting these two countries only.

Xi was touring the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy in the South China Sea on Thursday.

The Asian nation said listed USA soybeans and pork among its prime targets for proposed retaliatory duties.

"After 20 years, by 2040, if China's achieved military parity then it may be feasible if they could win at a low cost", he said. And he looked at me and he said, "Say it again".

Earlier this month, the United States administration authorized American manufacturers to sell submarine technology to Taiwan, drawing praise in Taipei and fury in Beijing. And we did other things too.

China "must end unfair trade, take down barriers", Trump tweeted April 7.

China's overall exports and imports both grew at a strong double-digit clip early in the year, and while exports unexpectedly fell in March - resulting in a rare trade deficit - most analysts chalked it up to seasonal factors and said it was too early to call a trend.

"There's a pot of gold there".

The jobs at stake in Alameda Country are largely linked to Tesla's Fremont factory, Los Angeles and San Diego counties also employ thousands of people in aircraft manufacturing, as well as pharmaceuticals.

"We are considering moving our core market out of the USA, said James Chou, the boss of Poly Dragon, who has run an LED factory in Dongguan for the past 17 years".



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