Art Bell Dies on Friday the 13th at Age 72

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Bell expired at his Pahrump, Nev., dwelling, Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly announced in a Facebook place into the city.

Radio host Artwork Bell, well-known for his present "Coast to Coast AM" and its "X-Information"-flavored deal with the paranormal, died Friday on the age of 72, Nevada authorities confirmed Saturday".

The series tweeted a comment from its existing host, George Noory, who described Bell as "a legend - a radio icon who travelled against the grain and acquired an wonderful series called 'Coast to Coast AM.' His effects in my life will be beyond words".

Mr. Bell hosted the popular radio talk show "Coast to Coast AM" before he left the airwaves in 2002.

His nationally-syndicated program, "Coast to Coast AM", was aired on about 500 stations in North America in the 1990s. He broadcast the show from his radio station, KNYE, in Pahrump.

In July 2016 Bell had a health scare, spending five days in a Las Vegas hospital, according to the show's website.

The official cause of death for Art Bell hasn't been released.

Fans, including celebrities like William Shatner and singer Josh Groban, took to Twitter to praise Mr. Bell.

Bell first got his start in the radio business when he was 13 years old.

Bell is an inductee of both the Nevada Broadcaster's Association Hall of Fame and National Radio Hall of Fame.

He retired more than one time and had a brief run on SiriusXM satellite radio in 2013.



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