Apple to assemble iPhone 6s Plus in Bengaluru soon

'Make in India': iPhone 6s production to begin in few weeks; will witness lower prices

Following up on a January report that Apple planned to produce low-priced iPhone 6s models at a new production facility in Bengaluru, India, the country's Economic Times said today that Apple is trialing iPhone 6s Plus production, with plans to begin domestic manufacturing in two weeks. This would bring the price of the iPhone 6s to the same level as that of the One Plus. The company didn't officially lower the rate of the iPhone SE when it began putting together the handset in India, but online and offline discounts allow the phone to be sold for as low as Rs 18999 nowadays. As per the report, Apple has already begun trial production of the iPhone 6S Plus at the Wistron facility in Bengaluru.

The iPhone 6S Plus is one of the more popular iPhones in India. The rise in customs duty pushed the tech giant to start the local production in the country "Thanks to current government".

Emails sent by ET to Apple India and Wistron did not elicit any response as of \Thursday.

Local assembly of iPhone SE has helped a lot in preventing the prices hick by 6-7 percent.

So even if Apple assembles iPhones in India, the customs duty on imported components will keep the expenses high, according to IBTimes.

Hong Kong-based Counterpoint estimates the iPhone 6 series contributes nearly one-third of total sales of iPhones in India in 2017 as compared to less than 15% generated from iPhone SE, the only Apple smartphone model to be locally assembled in the Wistron plant till now.

Another way for Apple to cut additional costs would be to make parts and packaging all within India as well.

In April, the finance ministry, as part of its "make in India" initiative and to encourage local components sourcing, increased the taxes on camera modules, connectors and PCBs (printed circuit boards), a major part of the mobile, which houses the processor, RAM, storage and more. In total, there are five sourcing plants which includes Finland-based Salcomp's facility in Tamil Nadu and Chinabased Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology plant in Bengaluru.



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