Alfie Evans' parents lose legal fight to move son to Italian hospital

BREAKING: Alfie Evans' dad declares 'It's NOT over' as crowds chant 'Get him out'

The parents of a 23-month-old boy at the centre of a life-support treatment battle have lost their latest legal battle to have their child treated overseas.

Judges have heard that Alfie, born on May 9 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Tom Evans and Kate James had hoped to persuade appeal court judges that their 23-month-old son Alfie should receive life-support treatment overseas.

The toddler's family have said they are accompanied by their own doctors, have removed duty of care from the hospital and placed it with their air ambulance, and have a jet ready to take the child to Italy.

The couple, from Liverpool, have already lost cases in the high court, court of appeal, supreme court and European court of human rights.

The hospital, which won a legal battle to withdraw Alfie's life support, has urged protesters to show respect.

Mr. Evans told the crowd of hundreds on Thursday night that he had the "legal" right to remove his son from the care of Alder Hey and transport him to Bambino Gesù.

Lord Justice Moylan said that when there's a disagreement between the parents' wishes and the best interests of the child, the latter must prevail, LifeSiteNews reported.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital said in a statement: "At each stage of the legal process the courts have agreed with expert advisers... that Alfie's condition is untreatable".

The judges rejected their application but said that they could go to the Supreme Court to consider the case for a final time. Diamond indicated that he would make a direct appeal to the Supreme Court by 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

Barrister Paul Diamond, who represented Alfie's parents, on Monday asked the three appeal judges to overturn decisions made by Mr Justice Hayden last week.

The child's parents also suggested that Alfie was being unlawfully detained at Alder Hey, but the judge dismissed that suggestion.

Last week, Alfie's parents said their son had improved in recent weeks and they had asked Hayden to allow a new assessment, but he refused.

According to weekend news reports, Alfie Evans' mother was told to leave his bedside after the hospital informed Alfie's parents that they would no longer be able to sleep in his hospital room overnight.

Hayden said details of that plan could not be revealed because Alfie was entitled to privacy at the end of his life. The protests have allegedly caused road blockages and prevented some staff from entering the hospital.

"The bad reality was that nearly the entirety of Alfie's brain has been eroded, leaving only water and cerebral spinal fluid", Moylan said, reading from Hayden's previous decision, according to The Sun.



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