YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS

Above You Tube- Dark Theme Image Credit Paul Sawers  VentureBeat

YouTube introduced a dark theme on desktop previous year, so it was really only a matter of time before the feature made its way to the mobile app. YouTube says that the theme will minimize glare and help viewers see the true colors of the videos they're watching on their phones. YouTube reportedly said Android users will be receiving the feature "soon" but did not specify an exact release date.

This is hardly a world-changing feature on the face of it. The feature was heavily requested for mobile apps after the launch on desktop.

Having a dark theme has its advantages.

If you don't see the option for the dark theme right away, be patient - YouTube says that the update will be rolling out "over the next few days". The playback screen featured a more consistent skinning, and we already saw developers fine-tuning the shades of dark gray tones being employed. At the time, the feature wasn't made available to all users, nor was it officially announced by the company.

With the update, YouTube joins a growing list of apps that feature a dark mode.

Dark themes on mobile have become more popular in recent times with services like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram embracing the dark theme. Now, we know that it is on iOS and that it will soon be debuting on Android.

YouTube has millions of users that go on its mobile apps to watch videos and studies have shown that dark theme saves battery life. It looks like the popularity was very high as the video site has chose to introduce it to iOS, with Android coming soon.



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