Xbox One Spring update to bring support for AMD FreeSync monitors, more


Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S will soon receive support for AMD Radeon FreeSync displays.

On Saturday, Microsoft launched a new series of monthly livestreams called Inside Xbox. The upcoming Xbox spring update will already include support fro 1440p on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S for monitors, but adding support for FreeSync will allow compatible displays to sync refresh rates with Microsoft's game consoles. TVs that are coming to market this year will have the capability to enable their low-latency modes automatically. This means when playing a game, screen tearing and stuttering should be removed, provided the frame rate is within the display's FreeSync range. Freesync allows for a supported TV or monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your console. Well, the introduction of FreeSync and FreeSync 2 on these consoles will enable gamers to experience a relatively smoother gameplay experience - should they own a display that supports FreeSync technology, of course. Microsoft pledged support for the then-unreleased HDMI standard before the Xbox One X came out, and it seems that the company is taking steps toward making good on its promise. Users will be able to share clips and screenshots directly to Twitter, and the Xbox's built-in Edge browser is getting a functionality upgrade that will make it behave more like the desktop version.

Many modern TVs have a low-latency "game mode" which turns off any special processing of image and motion that the TV does for movies or other programs.



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