White House plan includes gun training for teachers

White House plan includes gun training for teachers

Fox News host Shepard Smith slammed President Donald Trump on Monday for contradicting his vow to raise age restrictions on buying guns. Trump supports improved background checks for some gun purchases, for example, and more robust mental health counseling.

Trump tweeted on Monday that the White House would support gun control measures approved by the NRA but not changing age limits. A HuffPost/YouGov poll taken soon after Trump's initial comments shows that most of the nation, including much of the GOP, was willing to go along with numerous gun control measures he briefly supported. And yet the White House is coming forward and saying for school shootings this is the path we want to take.

"We are committed to working quickly because there's no time to waste", DeVos said in a conference call with reporters.

"Trump is committed to destroying ISIS, and the global coalition will hunt these terrorists wherever they hide", the statement said. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will chair the commission, which will then provide recommendations to the president.

Legislatively, the administration is calling on Congress to pass two bills to enhance gun and school safety.

"But the president, as you know, doesn't have the ability to just create federal law, and he would need a number of other individuals to come together to help make that happen", she said.

Hogg also pointed out that talk about gun control, in the absence of meaningful action, is just that: talk.

Trump's new plan focuses on "hardening" schools with increased security and expresses support for boosting some background checks.

"Responding to the murder of 17 students and educators by endorsing the gun lobby's platform is a shameful abdication of the president's responsibility to lead".

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Saturday, Trump mocked the idea of a commission to solve problems government should tackle head-on.

"In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Trump called on representatives of over 50 Muslim-majority nations to do more to combat terror and extremist ideology", it said.

The NRA supports the idea of allowing armed teachers in schools.

Instead, the White House reiterated its support for improvements to the National Instant Criminal Background Check through the "Fix NICS" bill, which would penalize federal agencies that don't properly report required records and reward states that comply by providing them with federal grant preferences.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka - a senior White House adviser with such duties as lobbying the Senate on tax policy and representing her father at a Group of 20 summit of world leaders - will collect more than $1 million a year from the family business that has continued to develop luxury resorts around the world during the Trump presidency. Close to half even approve of Trump's admonition to "take the guns first, go through due process second" when dealing with mentally ill people who could pose a threat.

"He's talking about Congress who actually has the ability to make law, not online polls", Sanders said.

Whatever the reason for Trump's hard-right turns on immigration and guns, it underscores what Democrats most fear about negotiating with the president: That no matter what bipartisan compromises the president seems to support when they're across the table from him, he'll fall back to his most conservative positions.



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