Walkout at Ukiah High honors Parkland slain

Al Diaz  Miami Herald via APMourners hold flowers during the funeral for Peter Wang at Kraeer Funeral Home in Parkland Fla. on Feb. 20 2018

No students were suspended or received detention for participating, as was erroneously stated on several popular social media posts.

At Crestwood High School, students met in the school's fine arts center, and at Lakewood High School, students stepped outside of their classrooms for the 17 minutes.

Yamelle Gonzalez, also a senior at Lourdes, said the Parkland shooting has hit home for her.

Because Trace Elementary School would not allow students to walk out, Leonardo Aguilar asked his mom to walk him over to nearby Lincoln High to join the rally.

Earlier this month, Shapiro led a group of 139 heads of Jewish day schools who signed an open letter voicing their support for students organizing for gun reform after the Parkland shooting.

On Tuesday, the Ukiah High was buzzing with word of the walkout - with students wondering what teacher's reactions would be, whether they would be congratulated or disciplined for participating.

He said he contacted the Titusville Police Department and officers were present for the safety of the students. But many were anxious about getting in trouble. "I hope the adults will listen". Eventually, in the 1960s, we were able to end an illegal war, force two presidents from office and imprison almost an entire corrupt administration. "And we needed to give them that avenue, and to give them an opportunity to speak through silence".

"I think that it is definitely important that we as students voice our opinions because we are the future of this country and I definitely believe that what we are doing today should incite ambition into our students that we are the leaders of tomorrow", Anthony said. Comments included "It's too bad they are focused on the guns and not the root problems of tragedies such as this", "If you take guns away another weapon will be used as a replacement", and "Walking out of class accomplishes nothing".

Another round of school walkouts is planned for April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, according to Fox News.

The #ENOUGH National School Walkout was meant to pressure federal and state lawmakers to tighten laws on gun ownership despite opposition by the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun rights advocacy group. They actually went against gun violence, not the right to own guns. While students from other schools are being punished for their courageous action, we, the students of students of Nutley High School, were able to express ourselves free from the threat of suspension.

President Donald Trump initially responded by claiming he supported raising the minimum purchasing age to 21 for all guns, but a March 11 White House proposal on gun policies retreated from the age change and instead pressed for arming teachers as a deterrent to school shootings.

"We felt that the leadership of the Women's March didn't sufficiently dissociate themselves from someone who's anti-Semitic", Rabbi Tully Harcsztark, principal of SAR, told Haaretz.



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