Video Released in Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse Shooting

Siale Angilau

District Judge John Dowdell released the video of a 2014 shooting of a defendant who attacked a witness, during a trial inside the courtroom.

Angliau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, is seen grabbing a pen and rushing another gang member who was testifying against him.

The video has become public after Angilau's family filed a lawsuit claiming excessive force was used in the incident.

"Angilau was in custody, but he essentially had escaped custodial control for those seconds during which he was executing his plan to assault the witness", the judge wrote.

'His attack was stopped by the shots that Jane Doe rapidly fired, in less than one and one-half seconds'.

A USA marshal fired four times at close range at the defendant inside as he rushed to the witness stand, jumped and swung with a pen at a shackled witness.

A gang member was shot after he tried to stab a witness with a pen.

Four loud shots are heard as Angilau dives into the stand.

The U.S. Marshal fired four times killing 25-year-old Siale Angilau.

"Drop the pen out of your hand", an officer yells at Angilau after he has been shot. At that point, the video cuts out.

Faces of the judge, attorneys and jurors are blurred out to protect their identities.

The unidentified USA marshal was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly after the shooting and a review board found the use of force was within agency policy.

Skyes said: "There was no need to use deadly force". Dowdell also ordered the release of the courtroom video, which had been the subject of a lengthy court battle involving media outlets, including Fox 13, over freedom of information and the First Amendment.

Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune Family, friends, and supporters of Siale Angilau, who was shot and killed in the Salt Lake City federal courthouse, gather for the Justice4Siale Vigil on the courthouse plaza in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Sykes acknowledged it was a tough case for the judge, but said he was disappointed in Dowdell's ruling.



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