Video appears to show Navy jet encounter with possible UFO

Video appears to show Navy jet encounter with possible UFO

The publication of the purported military footage follows revelations previous year from The New York Times and Politico about the past Pentagon effort on unidentified aerial phenomena and the publication of two videos showing Navy pilots' encounters with unidentified objects. If these craft mean that Russia, China or some other nation is concealing an astonishing technological breakthrough to quietly extend its lead, surely we should respond as we did then.

"Oh my gosh dude!" says the weapons system operator.

Soon, to the shock of the pilots, the UFO changes position.

On Monday, Elizondo also noted "eerie similarities" between the new video and the ones released previous year, including the location in US airspace, the presence of US Navy pilots, the "Tic Tac" shape of the object and other signatures he said the videos shared in common.

The 35-second video, released by the privately owned media and scientific research company To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, is the latest to suggest the existence of hovering egg-shaped vessels since the Pentagon in December publicly acknowledged a program dedicated to the study of unidentified flying objects.

It took three attempts for the pilot to lock in on the target as it flew below the jet.

The location and other key information about the video was not announced. In one example, over the course of two weeks in November 2004, the USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser operating advanced naval radar, repeatedly detected unidentified aircraft operating in and around the Nimitz carrier battle group, which it was guarding off the coast of San Diego.

The DoD has not identified any of the mystery aircraft, leading some to believe that they could be extraterrestrial technology manned by alien visitors.

News of the mystery program and the first two declassified videos of the odd objects introduced the possibility of extraterrestrial aircraft for the first time since the Air Force's Project Blue Book, records cataloguing more than 12,000 UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969, when the program was shut down. Though the Times reports that some defense and intelligence officials are still investigating the incidents, they appear to have made virtually no progress in coming to a conclusion or any findings.

Christopher Mellon, an adviser to the organisation, wrote in the Washington Post that the United States needs to put more effort into researching these sightings.

However, he wrote that sightings of unusual and mysterious objects are not new to officials in the defense department and intelligence agencies but "nobody wants to be 'the alien guy in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue". "There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making", he wrote. "The current approach is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy", Mellon writes. What we lack above all is recognition that this issue warrants a serious collection and analysis effort.

Mellon said the government was not treating these sightings as "serious incidents".

Robert Bigelow, an American billionaire who works with NASA, is likewise convinced that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited Earth.

"They are proactive and willing to discuss this topic, rather than being held back by a juvenile taboo", he said.



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