Trump wants 'to have it both ways' on gun control: Democratic senator

Trump wants 'to have it both ways' on gun control: Democratic senator

A rally against gun violence in Florida, with Stoneman Douglas survivors leading the way.

Americans' concerns in the aftermath of that atrocity - and others before it - warrant full debate in statehouses and on Capitol Hill. Trump's initial response this time was in line with that flawed logic. In the wake of last year's Las Vegas country music bloodbath, where 58 were killed and 851 wounded, the number of Americans backing tighter gun laws was significantly less. The president wants to improve the system but is "not necessarily" in favor of background checks for all gun purchases, she said. Only 19% expressed optimism on that front.

"You have a different president now", Trump told the senator.

For GOP strategists there is also the caveat that opinion poll surges like the current one in favour of stricter gun control traditionally tend to run out of steam.

Then there is the little matter of Trump himself. a president prone like no other to mood swings and policy priority switches governed by personal whim or the latest Fox News take.

It is early days but the NRA's influence may finally be on the wane, eroded by a group of fearless, traumatised teenagers who survived the most recent American mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

It was a classic Trump pivot. Scrutinizing individuals to strict background checks and training would make the US more similar to the processes that other countries require gun owners to complete.

And when local schools are asked about teachers being armed, we hear about everything that might go wrong but not once that maybe the shooter would be stopped - but that's the NRA's fault. But do have a weapon stored at the main office, and have some of the teachers have access to that weapon. There are economic arguments and philosophical arguments and most of all the argument that we're Americans and we ought to be able to own what we want to own. States with the most guns have the most gun deaths. "Let's just take that off the table and move forward". "At the same time, the NRA was one of his earliest supporters ..." I am not saying the people's freedom should be taken away. Neither nation has our Second Amendment. Lugar, a Republican who had served more than three decades in the Senate, often held moderate views on gun legislation, voting in support of the assault weapons ban in 1994.

The fact that Democrats "taking away your second amendment" is a total nonsense isn't the point, of course.

The NRA has one mission and one mission only, to help sell guns.

But what Trump is counting on (and some moderate Republicans privately, pragmatically concede) is that by stoking up illogical fear of losing the right to bear arms, he is winning over far-right and grassroots Republicans ahead of the November mid-terms. "If anything they will gain it because their members contribute and they vote". It won't stop those suicides, either - you don't need that kind of gun to kill yourself. The few Democrats who did get money - Reps.

In reaction to the high school massacre in Parkland, Florida, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre came forward, once again, to tell his followers to be angry at liberals for "exploiting the tragedy". But criminals generally aren't the people shooting up schools - it's mentally disturbed people getting the guns and going wild.

But for Democrat election strategists there are considerable risks on the horizon too.

This past Wednesday, Feb. 28, President Trump met with Congress members from both sides of the aisle to discuss the government's future plans on gun regulations.



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