Topman 'unreservedly apologises' after claims it was selling t-shirt referencing Hillsborough disaster

TalkSPORT presenter Andy Goldstein stated his disgust at Topman's choice of merchandise

A T-shirt by Topman has sparked controversy as Liverpool fans hit out over its "sick" design, which they say inadvertently references the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Topman has since removed the shirt from its shops and website.

Men's fashion retailer Topman have withdrawn a long-sleeved t-shirt that featured a large number 96 with the slogan "What goes around comes back around" on the back, after it provoked outrage on social media.

Louise Brookes, whose brother Andrew died in the 1989 disaster, led calls for the garment's withdrawal.

"What goes around comes around" was underneath the number, which has upset football fans.

"I really do believe it is something to do with Hillsborough", she said.

However, "I don't believe that at one point [the designer] did not think this looked like a football shirt".

It's an apparent reference to a Bob Marley song dating from 1996.

The shirt was still available for sale on Topman's online store on Thursday night.

Ms Brookes said: "Our 96 were decent human beings who did nothing wrong".

WIrral South MP Alison McGovern tweeted Topman, asking: "No idea what is behind this, but it is very unfortunate".

Numerous fans have expressed concerns that the shirt nearly appears to be tailor-made to convey an unspeakably ugly sentiment sometimes expressed by the more unsavory elements among rival supporters: namely, that the Hillsborough disaster was a sort of punishment for the events of the Heysel Stadium disaster a number of years earlier. One fan account on Twitter said it was "incredibly short-sighted and insensitive", while another added:"I won't be shopping in Topshop again".



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