Tom Brady: 'Miracle' to win AFC Championship game without Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in a Monday interview on ABC's "Good Morning America", said family considerations will be a big part of when he decides to retire. "Time" was all about - trying to find some balance between my family life and what my kids need and what my wife needs and what my football team needs".

Brady has talked openly about playing into his mid-40s.

"When I hurt my thumb, I thought, 'This is it, this is the way the season ends, '" Brady said. "They commit a lot to me, and that goes both ways".

This injury occurred a week before the AFC Championship game when the New England Patriots played against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brady threw for 505 yards and and three touchdowns in the Super Bowl loss and seemed to be fully recovered three weeks after the injury.

Brady unveiled the picture of his thumb during the final episode of his Facebook documentary, "Tom vs". I also realized I'm a lot closer to the end than to the beginning and you don't know when you are going to get opportunities again. "That's part of being an athlete".

Still, Brady didn't sound like a man on the verge of walking away from the game.

If you're sticking around, that means you're ready to see Brady's giant gash. If the sight of blood makes you queasy, then you're going to want to leave this story now because things are about to get bloody.

"We overcame a lot of adversity like you always do in order to get to that game but we just came up a little bit short". I gave everything I had, I gave my best effort. I think one thing that has gotten a little challenging as you get older is there are different priorities and different commitments. It would be a great career - 18 years in the National Football League.' I learned a lot and it's been such a great love for me. "Just so you know that".

"I love the sport, I love the competition, I love my teammates, I love working with people that I love to work with", he stated. "He tells me 'I love it so much and I just want to go to work and feel appreciated and have fun'". "I'm thinking, I really don't know what just happened to my thumb but I know it doesn't feel good and I'm having a really hard time believing I'm going to be able to go out and play well against the No. 1 ranked defense in the league in four days".

Brady will make his next stop in the Big Apple at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night.



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