Thieves Steal 600 Bitcoin Mining Computers

Thieves Steal 600 Bitcoin Mining Computers

Authorities in that sparsely populated island nation on the Arctic Circle say that it's the largest series of robberies ever to hit Iceland.

Eleven people have been arrested in relation to the theft, including a security guard at one of the locations equipment was stolen from, although most of it hasn't yet been found. Wow, heist movies are going to be incredibly boring if this shit keeps up. The burglaries took place in December and January.

Apart from 600 Bitcoin mining hardware devices, around 600 graphics cards, 100 power supplies, 100 processors, 100 motherboards have also been stolen as well. These mining servers - over 600 of them - are reportedly worth over $2 million. Last week, a Reykjanes District Court ruled that two of the people should remain in custody. Police commissioner Olafur Kjartannson, who works in the southwestern Reykjanes region where two of the thefts took place, said they were "on a scale unseen before".

Over the past few years, Iceland has turned as the favorite destination for Bitcoin mining individuals and companies because of the country's huge data center industry as well access to country's rich source of surplus geothermal energy. Mining cryptocurrencies requires a lot of computing power, so authorities are monitoring electricity consumption in the country in an effort to catch the thieves. The computers have not yet been recovered and the crime is one of the biggest thefts in Iceland's history. "Everything points to this being a highly organized crime".

The AP newswire said police were now contacting internet service provider (ISPs), electricians and storage units, asking them to report sudden spikes in power usage or other signs the stolen servers had been reconnected.



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