Surveillance video shows armed deputy officer remained outside during Florida shooting

Mike Stocker  South Florida Sun Sentinel via AP

Deputy Scot Peterson was called a "coward" by President Donald Trump for his actions, who also said the officers who didn't rush into the school "weren't exactly medal of honour winners" and were "frankly disgusting".

Responding to reports, he arrived outside the freshman building almost two minutes later, issuing his first radio transmission: "Be advised we have possible, could be firecrackers, I think we have shots fired, possible shots fired - 1200 building".

The surveillance footage initially shows a uniformed officer and another man outside an arcaded part of the school. The video captured him hurrying across the campus as the massacre was unfolding and then - while, police said, the shooting continued - standing outside for several minutes without seeming to take cover.

A final shot, which lasts roughly 26 minutes, shows what police say is Mr Peterson outside of the building - at least for a portion of the clip - while pixelated students file past him.

The video, which media organisations petitioned the judge overseeing the case to release, was released Thursday and does not provide incredible detail, but does show Mr Peterson as he hears about the shooting before speaking into a radio handset on his shoulder and rushing over to the site of the shooting. They then drive away in a golf cart.

Peterson resigned rather than be placed on unpaid suspension.

"Someone might want to check Scott Peterson's allegiances", someone else said.

But Judicial Watch released the Broward County Sheriff's Office's training and operation materials.

Peterson retired last month after Sheriff Scott Israel said an internal investigation had been opened to examine why the deputy did not enter the school to engage the killer, who murdered 17 people.

Law enforcement on multiple levels has come under fire for the response to the shooting, which took the lives of 17 people.

While Scot Peterson did not enter the building to confront the shooter, 21-year IL police officer Randy Petersen (no relation) said it's a complicated situation.

Another batch of 911 calls have been released from the day of the Parkland high school shooting in Florida. Peterson, through an attorney, pushed back at Israel's depictions of his actions, though he has not commented publicly since. It was not immediately clear if the officer seen in the video is Peterson.

Video of what occurred inside the school during the February 14 shooting was not released. The sheriff's office, meanwhile, ultimately reversed course and said it supported making the footage public.

Broward County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Levenson, in an eight-page order released on Monday, said the videos could be released without imperilling the school's security system or endangering the investigation into the massacre.

The footage released on Thursday documented Peterson's response about a minute after the shooting began.



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