Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Although it's fair to say that Super Smash Bros is one of Nintendo's most beloved titles, easily resting alongside the likes of Zelda games, Super Mario titles and Mario Kart, the response this time around has been a little intense.

The announcement of any Smash title brings with it an abundance of wish-listing, pertaining to the game's roster. Several other characters were also shown in the video, but their identities were obscured by shadows.

The teaser trailer really doesn't give much away other than showing the Inklings from the Splatoon series and the shadowy figures of legendary characters, Mario and Link.

However, an image going around on social media apparently identifies the other fighters. "Super Smash Bros." is coming back.

Another possible new character to the series is Rodin, the weapons dealer from Bayonetta 2, as suggested by an Easter egg in the over-the-top action game.

Who would you like to see throw down in an new Super Smash Bros. game? However, the video game designer said that the title of the game was not yet ready to be announced. "Please wait until we can release more information, or until release day!"

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U notoriously put a lot of strain on the longtime Kirby and Smash director, so fans have been skeptical on whether or not Sakurai would return for the Switch Smash Brothers.



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