Students from Florida shooting school play Carnegie Hall

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Morgan Hill Unified School District's superintendent sent out a March 7 letter to all "employees, parents, guardians and students" regarding the district's strategy to allow for student participation in planned school walkouts and protests.

Somerville students were expected to hold their second walkout Wednesday along with students at Arlington High School and Granite States Arts Academy, according to Students Against Gun Violence, the group of high schoolers organizing the walkouts.

A nationwide school walkout to end gun violence is planned for March 14 to honor those killed in the Parkland Florida school massacre.

In an interview with East Cobb News, McNeill said several of the students who met with her last week, including some in Walton's current senior class, will be commemorating the 17 victims of the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting before the school day next Wednesday, as she had suggested.

The Education Department said the secretary's visit will be closed to the news media out of respect for the students and faculty. Asked whether she supports any of the measures the students have proposed, such as a ban on assault rifles, DeVos said, "The president has advanced a number of issues that Congress will have to consider".

"We don't want to make it a political issue", he said in an email.

Butler said the district wants to prevent an "oppositional or confrontational type situation" from happening, and that the district itself must remain neutral on the subjects.

Other students have said they want to "walk out " of their classes for 17 minutes, starting at 10 a.m., in accordance with the national protest, which the Cobb County School District does not support.

The newly formed student council has not decided on the specifics of the gun issues they want changed, Ellis said, but, "We want it to be harder to get guns for mentally disabled people and people on the Federal Bureau of Investigation watch list".

"He's been meeting with students to figure out how those 17 minutes will look", she said.

Elementary Schools - schools are devising plans which are developmentally appropriate and build on existing efforts to promote kindness, belongingness, inclusion, community, and school safety.

Walkouts from classes around the country and in Rapid City are scheduled for March 14th. "This opportunity for "student voice" will be on campus with parameters that keep everyone safe".

Clayton declined to explain what she meant by "alternative activities".

In a letter posted on the East Windsor Regional School District's website, Hightstown High School Principal Dennis Vinson Jr. wrote that students are encouraged to exercise their voices in the community. She said the students have not been in touch with students in Parkland yet, but they would like to talk to them.



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