Spotify wants you to fix its bad music data

Spotify Technology SA plans to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange next month according to people with knowledge of the matter

The leading streaming music provider remains Spotify, which has 71 million paid customers for its premium service. Recently, they began to show song credits for users to get more information about whatever their listening to.

A 30-day free trial of Spotify Premium is available to users.

The tool is now only available to desktop users, and is accessible by clicking on the three dots next to Artist, Album or Song, then choosing "Suggest an Edit". The new feature allows fans to suggest different information pertaining to the song including an artists alias, explicitness and more. However, they won't be able to correct song or album titles, even if they're wrong or contain "extra messy information", Spotify says.

It's worth noting that Spotify treats all these data submissions as suggestions; users don't have the ability to directly edit the metadata for music in Spotify's catalog.

However, this option simply acts as a suggestion more so than an actual edit. In Israel, Spotify faces competition from global streaming services such as Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, as well as local services offered by Israel-based cellular carriers. "We've also seen that listeners are eager to describe the music they're passionate about in ways beyond traditional concepts like genre and mood". And if you completely mess up on your hip-hop test, you might have a harder time making your future contributions about the genre count.



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